Ecovadis Virtual Sustain 2021

Publié le 10/02/2021


Du lundi 08 mars 2021 à 09:00 au mardi 09 mars 2021

Rethink, Rebuild 2021

About Sustain 2021

The past several months have been nothing short of transformational for sustainability and procurement. The movement toward stakeholder capitalism was seized as the COVID pandemic brought supply chain resilience into the spotlight and then thrust into the fire of climate calamity. Will 2021 be a year of transformation and regeneration?

One thing is for sure: Sustain changed forever when we saw 1,600 virtual attendees interacting with over 50 experts and leaders after the last event went virtual. Sustain 2021 will amplify this year’s virtual event with a state-of-the-art digital engagement experience.

This conference is a must-attend event for anyone at the intersection of sustainability and procurement, sourcing, and supply chain. Don’t miss this once per year opportunity to engage in new insights, innovative solutions and partnerships, and more ways to connect with peers and experts to inspire and drive your programs forward.

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