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N°240 - Juillet - Août 2015





About us

La Lettre des Achats is the leading business review for corporate purchasing departments in France. The review has been regarded as a high-grade reference for information and decision by corporate purchasing departments for over 15 years.

La Lettre des Achats primarily targets the management of any purchasing activity and the organisation of the departments.

La Lettre des Achats enhances both issues, reporting the events in Purchasing through the managers involved in the activity, and considering the development strategies.

Today most of companies have turned their concerns to the cost-reduction. Such a reduction must be generated from a dynamic suppliers management — rationalising suppliers, concentrating volumes, upstream integration of the suppliers in product developments, objective costing, upstream marketing, benchmarking, reengineering, e-procurement...

The articles published every month in La Lettre des Achats provide much information on these various issues and opportunities for the readers to compare their strategies and their methods with the best recent achievements.

The readers:

Heads of Purchasing Departments (over 79%) of industrial and service companies: multinationals, small and medium enterprises, production sites, public administrations, non-governmental organisations.

and their impact on the company, executive boards, financial directors, consultants, global services.

Monthly issue, 74 pages. 11 issues per year.

Publication Director : Mr F.-Ch. Rebeix

First issue : May 1993

Printing : 5 000 issues per month.

More than 20 000 readers

Only for subscription

France : 389,19 euros – taxes included
( VAT : 2,10 %) per year.

Abroad : 450 euros per year.

ISSN : 1246-166

French Press Number : 1112 T 82 521

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La Lettre des Achats